Audience Network & Atlas Solutions




I have worked on a variety of projects for the Facebook family of business ventures while contracting at Fell Swoop. The bulk of these projects has involved asset and layout development for Facebook Audience Network and Atlas Solutions.

For the Audience Network, I assisted the development of a property-wide icon set and worked as a team-member to populate each section of the site under evolving brand guidelines with complementary mobile iterations.

Similarly, my role with Atlas Solutions centered around working towards a brand-cohesive icon set and the application of brand changes across each respective landing page. Further, I was specifically tasked with developing the Atlas Contact Form, the starting point for businesses applying to participate in the program. Included below are a few examples of those pages.

Role:  Visual Designer
Software:  Photoshop & Illustrator















Atlas Solutions – Contact Form












Date: November 20, 2015

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