On contract with Fell Swoop, I was tasked with creating a more interesting layout for the Microsoft SharePoint Developers site within the specifications of Microsoft Web Framework.

The homepage updates involved the creation of new elements and modified layout devices, including an icon set and more dynamic type arrangements to give each section a unique visual identity. This was carried over into the mobile layout.

I was also asked to address the functionality of the About page, specifically ways in which it could function without overwhelming the viewer with content. With the variety of organizational needs for each subset, I decided the simplest solution would be to make each block collapsable, thus mirroring the menu element. By folding in on itself, the new arrangement allows the viewer to address only the content relevant to a specific need.

And finally, I am including some spec work for
an OpenWindow project that led to an
accepted bid.

Role:  Visual Designer
Software:  Photoshop & Illustrator











Date: December 29, 2016

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